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The Twelve Pathways were formulated in 1972, and since that time they have 

changed the lives of countless numbers of people. The Twelve Pathways are 

a modern, practical condensation of thousands of years of accumulated 
wisdom. They give you a minute-to-minute guide for operating your 

consciousness while you interact with the world around you. They will 

enable you to live a continuously happy, conscious, loving, joyous, fulfilled 

life. If you’ve had enough of the up-and-down roller-coastering between 

pleasure and pain, and are really ready to enjoy and get the most out of your 

life all of the time, then you are ready to use and apply the Twelve Pathways 

to make a dramatic change in your life. In the following four chapters, we 

will discuss each of the Twelve Pathways in detail.

The Twelve Pathways to Higher Consciousness can show you how to 

accelerate your spiritual development and enable you to begin a new life of 

Living Love. These Pathways can show you the way to find the beauty and 

happiness that is hidden within you. You were erroneously taught that 

happiness lies in getting people and things outside of you lined up exactly to 

suit your desires. But our desires multiply so much faster than our capacity to 

satisfy them! In the Living Love System, an addiction is any desire that 

makes you upset or unhappy if it is not satisfied. Life is warning you to get 

rid of an addiction every time you are emotionally uncomfortable in any way.

Even if an addiction brings you pleasure, that pleasure is usually short-lived. 

For you will then begin to perceive threats to that pleasure, and you will 

worry about changes in your life that will deprive you of the pleasure. And 

you compare today’s pleasure with yesterday’s pleasure -- and often find 

today’s pleasure is not quite as satisfying. All of this keeps you out of the 

here and now. You make a giant step toward higher consciousness when you 

become fully aware of the price in happiness you must pay for each addiction. 

You can enjoy the same actions and experiences completely when you 

uplevel the addiction to the status of a preference.

As you become increasingly aware of how your consciousness operates, you 

will be able to distinguish between your biocomputer and the programming 

that your biocomputer uses. For example, a million-dollar IBM computer 

may work perfectly, but if you put garbage-type programming in it, you will 
get garbage-type results from this splendid machine. Computer specialists 

use the word “GIGO” to refer to this problem -- “Garbage in - Garbage out.” 

If you are not continuously loving everyone around you and continuously 

enjoying the here-and-now situations in your life, it means that your

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