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perceive the realities of the world in which we lived. Although we now have 

the basic capacity for clear perception, the operating instructions we gave our 

biocomputer anchor us to the lower levels. And so we’re unconsciously 


Here and now is the reality in our lives -- and it is only from the conditions of 

the present that our future can be generated. But our present addictions, 

demands, and expectations (the programming of our biocomputer) dominate 

our consciousness and force us to spend most of the time we are awake (and 

most of the time we are dreaming) in protesting and pouting about the here 

and now situation in our lives. This lowers our perceptiveness and keeps us 

from finding effective solutions to our problems. The Living Love Way to 

Higher Consciousness shows us how to break through this trap, to free 

ourselves, and to find our full potential as human beings.

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