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We must deeply understand why all of our negative emotions are misleading 

guides to effective action in life situations. Our negative emotions are simply 

the result of an extensive pattern of scars and wounds that we have 
experienced. And these emotional wounds lead us to perceive differences 

that make us uptight instead of similarities that enable us to understand and 

love. The present programming of our emotions makes us perceive other 

people (and the conditions of the world around us) as threats -- potentially 

dangerous to our well-being. We then respond with adrenalin, faster 

heartbeat, increased blood sugar, and other jungle survival responses that 

prepare us for fight or flight. We are trapped in our ways of perceiving the 

world around us.

But no one (or no situation) need be felt as an emotional threat or danger 

when we see things with the clearer perception of higher consciousness. 

Think of the most threatening situation you have felt in the last day or two. 

Are you about to lose your job? Is the person for whom you feel the most 

love paying more attention to someone else than to you? Do you have unpaid 

bills that you cannot take care of? Do you have a pain that could be cancer? 

Now, these problems either have solutions -- or they don’t. Either you can do 

something about them here and now -- or you can’t. If you can do something 

here and now about them, then do it -- even if it’s just a first step. It saps 

your energy to be worried or anxious about a problem. Do what you can do 

-- but don’t be addicted to the results or you will create more worry for 

yourself. If you can’t do anything about a problem here and now, then why 

make yourself uncomfortable and drain your energy by worrying about it? It 

is part of the here and nowness of your life. That’s what is -- here and now. 

Worry, anxiety, or other unpleasant emotions are absolutely unnecessary -- 

and simply lower your insight and the effectiveness of your actions.

You must absolutely convince yourself of the lack of utility of these draining 

emotions. You must see your unnecessary worrying as depriving you of the 

flowing effectiveness and joyousness that you should have in your life. As 

long as you think that these negative emotions have any function whatsoever, 

you will retard your growth into higher consciousness. If you do not hassle 

yourself emotionally when the outside world does not conform with your 

inside programming (your desires, expectations, demands, or models of how 
the world should treat you) you will have so much energy that you probably 

will sleep fifty per cent less. You will be joyous and loving, and really 

appreciate each moment of your life -- no matter what’s happening in the 

world of people and situations outside you.

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