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The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, Second Edition

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Jacqueline L. Longe
Margaret Abendroth, Ann Taylor
Evi Seoud, Mary Beth Trimper

Deirdre S. Blanchfield, Laurie Fundukian, Erin Randy Bassett, Lezlie Light, Dan W. Newell, Wendy Blurton, Dorothy Maki
Robyn V. Young

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The Gale encyclopedia of alternative medicine / Jacqueline L. Longe, 
project editor.-- 2nd ed.
p. ; cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-7876-7424-9 (set hardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 0-7876-7425-7 (v. 1 : alk.
paper) -- ISBN 0-7876-7426-5 (v. 2 : alk. paper) -- ISBN 0-7876-7427-3 (v. 3 : alk. 
paper) -- ISBN 0-7876-7428-1 (v. 4 : alk. paper)

1. Alternative medicine--Encyclopedias.
[DNLM: 1. Complementary Therapies--Encyclopedias--English. 2. Internal 
Encyclopedias--English. WB 13 G1507 2005] I. Title: Encyclopedia of 
alternative medicine. II. Longe, Jacqueline L.

R733.G34 2005 


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ISBN 0-7876-7424-9(set) 

0-7876-7425-7 (Vol. 1) 
0-7876-7426-5 (Vol. 2) 
0-7876-7427-3 (Vol. 3) 
0-7876-7428-1 (Vol. 4)

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