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The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine Diseases/conditions

(GEAM) is a one-stop source for alternative medical in- 
formation that covers complementary therapies, herbs • Definition
• Description
and remedies, and common medical diseases and condi- 
tions. It avoids medical jargon, making it easier for the • Causes & symptoms 

layperson to use. The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative • Diagnosis
Medicine presents authoritative, balanced information • Treatment

and is more comprehensive than single-volume family • Allopathic treatment 
medical guides.
• Expected results

• Prevention

• Resources
• Key terms

Over 800 full-length articles are included in The 
Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. Many 
Inclusion criteria
prominent figures are highlighted as sidebar biographies 
that accompany the therapy entries. Articles follow a A preliminary list of therapies, herbs, remedies, dis- 
eases, and conditions was compiled from a wide variety 
standardized format that provides information at a 
glance. Rubrics include:
of sources, including professional medical guides and 

textbooks, as well as consumer guides and encyclope- 
dias. The advisory board, made up of three medical and 

alternative healthcare experts, evaluated the topics and 
made suggestions for inclusion. Final selection of topics 
• Origins
to include was made by the medical advisors in conjunc- 
• Benefits
tion with Thomson Gale editors.
• Description

• Preparations
• Precautions
About the Contributors

• Side effects
The essays were compiled by experienced medical 
• Research & general acceptance writers, including alternative healthcare practitioners and 
• Resources
educators, pharmacists, nurses, and other complementary 
• Key terms
healthcare professionals. GEAM medical advisors re- 

viewed over 95% of the completed essays to insure that 
they are appropriate, up-to-date, and medically accurate.

• General use 
• Preparations How to Use this Book

• Precautions 
• Side effects The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine has 
been designed with ready reference in mind:
• Interactions 

• Resources
• Straight alphabetical arrangement allows users 
• Key terms
to locate information quickly.


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