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universes).the universe we are privileged to inhabit is literally in the process of transforming 

itself from inanimate to animate matter (Gardner, 2007: 157).

Or as Christian de Duve puts it: The universe is not the inert cosmos of the physicists.the universe is 

In order for this to be possible, we assume the vast acceleration of intelligence beyond carbon-based human 
intelligence. Gardner’s thesis implies “the emergence of trans-human intelligence as a necessary condition 
precedent to the task of cosmological engineering by means of which the hypothesized process of life- 

assisted cosmological predication takes place.”

In this meme, we are a vital link in this cosmic purpose. However, we are just a brief link.

As Steven J. Dick of NASA says: Biologically-based technological civilization is a fleeting phenomenon 
limited to a few thousand years, and exists in the universe in the proportion of one thousand to one billion, 
so that only one in a million civilizations are biological.

As James Gardner says: It is a natural covenant: an unspoken promise (from whom or what I cannot 
say) that humanity, as the medium through which the laws of nature have engineered their own 
comprehension, will be privileged to participate in the unfolding of cosmic evolution into the indefinite 


As Ray Kurzweil says: The story of the universe is a story yet to be written by the intelligence it will spawn 

Eric Chaisson says: The destiny of the Universe may well be determined by the life that arises from it 
(quoted in Gardner, 2007: 166).

This memetic code helps to understand and guide the development of our new radical high technologies 
such as superhuman computational intelligence, genetics, nanotechnology, etc. We are gaining powers 
seemingly unnatural for a biological species in an Earth-bound environment. But are they natural for a 

species living in the solar system, and the galaxies beyond? Are they infant capacities of a universal 
species practicing while still in the womb of Earth?

In order to understand the future-oriented meaning of our new technological powers, as well as our 

immediate needs for survival and justice on Earth, we need to take this long range view, and see ourselves, 
literally at a very young stage in the developmental path in the birth of a universal species capable of 
coevolving with nature and cocreating with the Code, the subtext, the Spirit of Evolution, the intention of 
creation, the mind of God, until we fulfill our evolutionary potential as vital links in the great chain toward 

universal life.

We do not know if this thesis will be proved correct. Gardner thinks that we won’t know until we either 
meet “other life” or give rise to “other life” ourselves.

This worldview gives us the widest possibility of a meaningful future, with a sense of direction and hope 
for all that needs to be done now.

The Evolutionary Synthesis also includes here the pervasive human experience of already present 
“other life,” life forms in other dimensions with extra-human capacities such as UFO’s, ghosts, spirits, 
sun gods, crop circles, descended masters, ancient astronauts, near-death experiences, out-of-body 

experiences, remote viewing, psychic phenomena, channeling, para-normal abilities, sudden remission, 
psychic healing, the siddhis, visions, and spiritual experiences of all kinds. None of these are fully 
measurable by mainstream science, nor have we had verifiable shared experiences of these phenomena at a 
large scale. However some scientists are finding a basis for these phenomena at the quantum level.

Matter as well as mind, have evolved out of an entirely common womb: the zero point energy field 

of the cosmic quantum vacuum.The material/mental systems that evolve in the universe are 

constantly and intimately interlinked through the cosmic womb that has given birth to them. This

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