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In this memetic code we discover that there is a Cosmic Code, a subtext that underlies physics that 
produces ever more conscious life. This subtext is coded within us as our own impulse to evolve. As 
above, so below. As within, so without. It is “the full suite of physical constants and natural laws that 
prevail in our strangely and improbably life-friendly cosmos,” as Heinz Pagel, describes it. The Source of 

this subtext is a Mystery not comprehensible to the human mind, but it is real. And we are beginning to 
decipher the Code and respond to its directives so we can fulfill its pregnant impulse within us to actually 
evolve our world and ourselves

Mark Comings writes:

All matter inclusive of living systems appears to be dynamically arising out of a pre-physical 

substrate or domain of pure potential energy (which can be thought of as a kind of pre-energy) 

underlying all material forms. The quantum plenum provides a vibrant, radiant matrix, a sentient 

dynamic medium, which is the generative source of the mysterious aspects of the subtle energetic 

forces enveloping and sustaining living systems.Perhaps there exists a kind of geometry or pre- 

geometry enfolded in the implicate order within the plenum of space that organic matter 

resonantly engages and couples to (unpublished).

To put it simply: The hypothesis is that at the basis of our universe is a subtext underlying the physical 
laws that is designed to create intelligent life whose ultimate goal is to infuse the matter of the universe 

with ever-more animate intelligence, far beyond carbon- based, Earth-bound human life. The most 
imaginative part of the hypothesis that James Gardner and others suggest, is that perhaps the purpose of 
universal intelligences joined is to reproduce new “baby” universes, life ever evolving, and worlds without 

According to this meme, there will be a cosmic cultural convergence of life between trans-human and 
eventually post-human life being generated now by us on this planet and other life in other dimensions of 

reality, whether it be silicon-based “life,” born from other planetary wombs, or light bodies, as in some 
religious traditions, or in forms still unimaginable to Earth-bound humanity. We will eventually join with 
other comparable universal life born of other comparable planets (if they be found). This convergence 
ultimately creates a collective intelligence so great that it has the capacity to reproduce a “baby universe". 

According to this meme, we are such a baby universe. This may explain the “fine-tuning” precision of the 
first three seconds of the first flaring forth of our universe. In this view, the Cosmic Code is actually a 
message from intelligent life that preceded us, and that we may eventually pass on to other baby universes. 
In this meme the universe is understood to be designed for ever-more intelligent life capable of reproducing 

universes with ever greater intelligence.

For we remember that the universe has billions of years before it. To imagine the evolution of the universe 
billions of years hence, we are stretching our imagination to feel into the possibility of radical new life 

forms with intelligence that far transcends human intelligent, yet that springs from the same Field or 
Source.and that we are contributing mightily to THAT.

As James Gardner puts it:

The universe is coming to life, purposely and in accordance with a finely tuned cosmic code that is 

the precise functional equivalent of DNA in the terrestrial biosphere. The universe is a kind of 

vast emerging organism in the process of self-assembly and self-animation, endowed with the 

capacity not only to replicate itself, but also to transmit heritable traits-the same cosmic code, 

consisting of the laws and constants of physics, which not only prescribes an ontogenetic program 

but, similar to DNA, furnishes a recipe for the self-assembly of offspring (so called baby

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