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The Evolution of the Universe

Basic Meme: The universe is coming alive.

The cosmos appears to many to be quintessentially a great unfolding intelligence. There is a developmental 
path encoded in the unfolding of the universe of which we are conscious vital elements. Our own 
development is intrinsic to the developmental potential of the universe and we are playing an ever-greater 

role in that development leading to possibilities in the longer-range future that far transcend the current 
human condition and give direction to the present moment.

There are many key exponents of this meme including, James Gardner, Steven J. Dick, Paul Davies, 

Christian de Duve, Freeman J. Dyson, Ray Kurzweil, Sir Martin Rees.

This is a biological universe worldview.

James N. Gardner calls it the Biocosm hypothesis:

The universe we inhabit is in the process of becoming pervaded with increasingly intelligent life – 

but not necessarily human, or even human–successor life. The hypothesis implies that the 

capacity of the universe to generate life and to evolve ever more capable intelligence is encoded 

as a hidden subtext to the basic laws and constants of nature.Our purpose is to help shape the 

future of the universe and transform it from a collection of atoms to a vast transcendent mind 

(Gardener, 2003).

As Freeman J. Dyson puts it:

I have found a universe growing without limit in richness and complexity, a universe of life 

surviving forever and making itself known to its neighbors across unimaginable gulfs of space and 

time.It appears to me that the tendency of mind to infiltrate and control matter is a law of 

nature.The universe is like a fertile soil spread out all around us, ready for the seeds of mind to 

sprout and grow. Ultimately, late or soon, mind will come into its heritage (Dyson, 1998: 117).

Or in Stephen Hawking’s terminology:

The mind of God is the natural culmination of the evolution of the mind of humans and other 

intelligent creatures throughout the universe, whose collective efforts conspire to effect a 

transformation of the cosmos from lifeless dust to vital living matter capable of the ultimate feats 

of life-mediated cosmic reproduction” (Gardner, 2003: 228).

(I would delete the words “from lifeless dust” to affirm the meme that Consciousness is fundamental, the 
field out of which everything is arising -- from energy to matter to mind, all is intelligent.)

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