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mass media is under corporate control in many areas, and our very life support system and countless 
species are threatened with extinction.

Democracy in its current form has shown its flaws, and appears to lock its leaders in forced opposition, 

removed from the will of the people, leading to the congealing of power in the hands of the few at the 
expense of the many, captured by financial interests, and when imposed on others leads to violence, 
insurgency and chaos.


We are facing a Memetic Gap, an opening in the Meme-Field of ideas, as current memes lose their validity.
This memetic vacuum is the dynamic invitation to all of us to identify a new memetic code for the 
Third Millennium.

The Synthesis is an early effort to help us cross the Evolutionary Gap from “here,” our current crises and 
opportunities to “there,” our emerging spiritual, social, scientific/technological potentials, that is, to the 
“other side” of the transition from one phase of our evolution to the next.

The Evolutionary Synthesis is neither provable nor falsifiable. It is based on current 
scientific/technological/philosophical/spiritual investigation and controversial hypotheses, combined with 

social innovations and personal intentions that are shared and verified subjectively among a growing group 
of individuals.

As this new world view is pieced together and our new memes are synthesized, the resulting picture of 

reality is not to be pinned on the wall of the church, as Martin Luther once did with his famous 95 Theses, 
but is to be developed by meme-creators, synthesized in multiple dialogues in a growing “Conversation of 
the 21st Century,” and communicated through all media and means to as many people as possible.

In this essay, I have selected and woven together those memes from various disciplines that I recognize as 
parts of a larger memetic framework. These are memes arising through the work of many many innovators 
that appear to me to provide the greatest potential for life ever evolving. Others will see it differently. 
There is no right or wrong here – only an opportunity to join together to cocreate a Conversation of 

the 21st Century on these great themes, until, by trial and error, we discover an integral and life- 
affirming sense of direction in our unprecedented condition.

Four Integral Elements

This Evolutionary Synthesis is a context in which to identify and integrate the most life-enhancing memes 
in four integral elements.

. The Evolution of the Universe

. The Evolution of Evolution

. The Evolution of Humanity/Society

. The Evolution of the Person

These four aspects, integrated, form a great and glorious whole-system Evolutionary Breakout or Phase 
Change now happening in our midst on planet Earth.

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