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This Evolutionary Synthesis is an emerging world view that reveals a set of new possibilities for our 
generation which if communicated and acted upon lead not only to fixing current problems but opening up 
an ever-evolving future of magnificent opportunities.

In this Synthesis we take the largest possible perspective and recognize ourselves as a young species born 
into a universe that appears to be designed for ever more conscious life.

This Synthesis is new. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis is the way nature works. This is not the end. It is the 

next beginning. This new memetic code or world view has never been integrated before because 1) our 
crises are new, 2) our capacities are new, and 3) no one on Earth is an expert on how a planet matures from 
its high tech, overpopulating, polluting, warring phase to the next stage of our evolution.

The Evolutionary Synthesis is composed of a “memetic architecture,” or memetic environment -- an 
interlocking set of creative ideas conceived on the evolution of the Macrocosm (Universe and the Evolution 
of Evolution), through the Mesocosm (Humanity/Society), to the Microcosm (the Person).

A meme is an idea that lodges in our mind and causes us to act in certain ways. A memetic code is an 
interlocking set of ideas that can guide the action of whole cultures. As a genetic code guides the formation 
of a body, a memetic code directs the formation of a culture.

We are seeking to piece together a new memetic code equal to our spiritual, social and 
scientific/technological potential that can inspire and activate the natural creativity, compassion, and 
cooperation in humanity toward life-ever-evolving. Every meme selected opens further options for the 



In this generation we have seen the horror of deadly memes or worldviews such as Nazism, Fascism, 

Communism, Ethnic Cleansing, Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.), and others. These complex sets 
of ideas or memetic codes have captured the minds of millions and have led to imprisonment, mass murder, 
environmental destruction, species extinction, -- unimaginable suffering in the bloodiest century in the 
history of the world. Yet when the very people who performed these horrors are no longer under the 

domination of the memetic code that activated them to destructive behavior, like the German people, or 
Rwandans, it seems hardly believable to them that they could have done it. When memes lose their reality 
they lose their power. Yet while they are believed they can destroy whole peoples, and eventually the life 
support system of planet Earth.

Currently, some of our cherished memes are “fading rapidly.”

For example, the Christian Story as interpreted by a literal reading of the Bible is no longer believable to 
millions, and indeed for all its beauty and goodness, can be narrowed to foster separation, violence, war and 
the anticipation of massive destruction as leading to the salvation of the believers.

The idea of the materialistic Accidental Universe, mindless, purposeless and directionless, is losing 
credibility among some scientists, complexity theorists, and cosmologists as the exquisite fine-tuning of the 
design of evolution toward ever greater complexity is revealed. Theologians and scientists are joining in a 
quest to understand the process of evolution as a progressive, sacred expression without recourse to an 

external deity.

Inevitable progress through technology is also losing its credibility. It is no longer possible to believe that 
increased technological knowledge in our current state of self-centered consciousness will inevitably lead 

to the good. The explosion of the atomic bombs and nuclear proliferation, deepening poverty and disease, 
plus the current environmental threats to our life support system and all species on Earth, have destroyed 
the idea of inevitable progress through increasing technological knowledge in the current economic system.

The memetic code that calls for the ever-increasing build up of military power for greater security at the 
expense of human and environmental needs is also aberrational and unsane.

It is no longer possible to believe that global capitalism and unlimited economic growth as it is now 
structured will lead to a just economy and global health, as the gap between the rich and poor widen, the

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