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innovations are -- all seen as organic elements of a living system now in formation. It would provide for us
the new news of who we are becoming in such a way to activate our potential to participate.

Imagine at the Center of the turning spiral a sacred space in our consciousness, not a temple, but a set of 

arising templates or patterns of evolution such as social synergy, now breaking through into our awareness. 
This sacred space is an evolutionary design space in consciousness wherein we pick up the pattern of 
creation from within as our own motivation to evolve, and from without, by signals of what is working 
toward a sustainable, evolvable world.

This Still Center can be seen as a new spiritual space in consciousness into which the churches, temples, 
mosques and spiritual groups of all kinds contribute their wisdom, added to now by the sacred evolutionary 
design revealed to us through the collective “eyes” of the noosphere.

In this organic process new visions emerge. Visions of the next turn on the spiral. We see our Wheel 
turning, turning, and turning toward higher more complex forms of life. It is we who are becoming higher 

life. It is we who are being imbued with spirit.

We are consciously picking up the impulse of evolution.

Now see this center surrounded by the great innovators and creators of our time, those who are already 
learning how to make the world work at some vital, practical and real time level. People like Hazel 
Henderson in economics, Rinaldo Brutoco in business, Dee Dickenson in education, Edgar Mitchell in 
Noetic Sciences, Amory and Hunter Lovins in energy, Jean Houston in creativity, Jerome C. Glenn in 

global futures, Don Beck in social evolution, etc. See these creators and innovators acting as stewards, 
initiators, and guardians of every sector of the Wheel. See people being attracted to their new functions 
and life purpose within the Wheel. See them entering every sector, placing themselves on the Map of 
Cocreation, finding their teammates, telling their stories as the new news, and connecting and learning from 

the growing community of cocreators world-wide.

We are reinventing the Wheel. This Wheel is “coming alive.” It is a magnetic matrix attracting into 
itself what is working. As people and projects enter the Wheel, they place their work in clusters 

based on similar functions – innovations in health, in education, in energy, etc, until the new social 
body reveals itself.

As the Wheel turns it pulls us forward. It takes us across the evolutionary gap from Here, our current state 
of overpopulation, pollution, resource depletion, war, etc., to There, an ever-evolving, sustainable, 
compassionate and cocreative world.

The turning Wheel is non-linear. It fosters social synergy by mapping, connecting and communicating 
what is working, helping us to jump the evolutionary gap in time to avoid the great collapse that is foreseen 
by many.

Jonas Salk has written of the requirement to move from Epoch A: our current set of crises, especially 
population growth and pollution leading to possible collapse of our life support system, to Epoch B: the 
next stage of our evolution, symbolized by a sigmoid curve.

The Wheel of Cocreation enters the “Gap” between Epoch A and Epoch B. Through its non-linear, 
exponential linking of vital functions it spontaneously creates for us a new whole system at an operative 
level, carrying us across the evolutionary threshold to the next stage of life.

A way to see the story as a planetary birth.

Take the universal, galactic perspective. Let us visualize ourselves as astronauts, floating weightless above 
the Earth.

Now concurrently see ourselves as cells in the living body of Earth.

Feel our collective struggle to coordinate as one planetary body. Feel ourselves running out of non- 

renewable resources. Feel the pollution clogging our lungs, feel the pain of so many of us flashing through 
the infant mass nervous system to the whole body as the suffering of billions of people is communicated to 
the whole body.

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