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The Wheel is a matrix to magnetize and self organize the new memetic code of what is working. It holds 
the rapidly growing information and intelligence of the emerging world seen as a natural next turn on the 
spiral of evolution.

Universe, Earth, Life, Animal Life, Human Life, and now us going around the next turn on the spiral of 

Our turn on the spiral represents the culmination of 14 billion years of evolution on this Earth, now coming 

into form as a planetary/universal species capable of understanding its own evolution, learning its own 
birth story, beginning to co-evolve with nature and to cocreate with the deeper patterns of creation 
internalized as our own spiritual motivation to love, create and evolve.

(This Wheel function can be applied to bring communities together as a whole, in synergistic convergence 
to foster social synergy and cooperation essential to our emergence (Hubbard, 1998: 124). The Wheel is 
now being developed and jointly connected by several groups including Pathways to Peace, IONS, The 

Tipping Point Network; projects such as Foster Gamble’s movie Thrive, and my own Conscious Evolution 
Curriculum for Wisdom University, and more every day.

As I see it, the Wheel is Our Turn on the Spiral. The spiral is ever-turning. Those who are consciously 
choosing to cocreate within it are becoming ever-more intelligent, compassionate and connected. The 
whole Wheel is turning toward the next stage of evolution – what we are seeking to understand through this 

Synthesis. It is driven by the underlying subtext or Cosmic Code that animates the whole universal process 
of evolution.

Visualize first the Core of the Spiral as the universal process of creation, the universal intelligence or 

Consciousness Force animating matter, life, animal life, human life and now becoming conscious of Itself 
as us.

In earlier stages of evolution, the Core of the spiral entered into the consciousness of extraordinary 

individuals who founded religions, sciences, arts and ethical systems of the world. Now as a natural 
component of the evolution of human consciousness the doors of the dogmas of the past -- religious, social 
and scientific -- are opening. The Core of the spiral is breaking through in millions of us as our own 
motivation to create, to evolve, to participate in our own evolution. We are becoming a “new norm.”

See the Wheel of Cocreation as a matrix of the new ever-evolving social body. All of us are coded from 
within to fulfill our potential. We are attracted to express our unique creativity as part of the larger body of 

the noosphere. We are called to new functions to heal and evolve our social body as an expression and 
actualization of our own potentiality. These aspects of society can be symbolized as sectors of the Wheel 
representing vital functions of the social body such as Health, Education, Economics, Environment, 
Governance, Arts and Media, etc.

When we find each other, when we meet those who attract us, we are aroused into creative action.

This Wheel is be a new social function that continuously would continually scan for, map, connect, and 

communicate what is working in the world. If the Wheel of Cocreation were operative now, we would see 
the new world that is already arising in our midst.

This new function would offer us awareness of humanity and our whole planetary system as a living 

organism. It would tell us where the problems are, who is working to solve them, where the new

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