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The reality is that we are naturally cocreating small islands of coherence in the sea of social chaos. By the 
natural tendency of nature to form new whole systems out of separate parts, people are linking up with each 
other and connecting their projects that are working.

Every evolving system, such as health, education, energy, environment is networking within itself.

We may be one evolutionary instant from the networking of networks of positive change. The Internet and 

other new media is our expanded nervous system. We may well be at the threshold of a non-linear 
exponential interaction of innovating elements such that the system can cooperate in its own self- 

To cocreate such a fluctuation, we remember that the way nature takes quantum jumps is through greater 
synergy – separate parts coming together to form a new whole system greater than and unpredictable (i.e. 
radically new) from the sum of its parts.

We are being coordinated by the same processes of creation that brought atom with atom and cell with cell. 
Is nature’s tendency to self-organize into more synergistic systems what is happening within us now?

Our most important social purpose in this realm should be to foster and facilitate this connectivity. We call 
it social synergy -- the exponential interaction and communication of that which is already working to heal 
and evolve our world.

An evolving form of self-governance is emerging. I call it Synergistic Democracy or SYNOCRACY. It is 
happening already wherever people assemble as co-equals to cocreate and cooperate.

For example, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS at ) has convened a PartnerShift 

process of many networking groups to find a structure of self governance through which innovating groups 
and people can form an alliance of alliances, seeking to foster social connectivity, co-intelligence, and 
synergy, eventually at a global scale. As we have seen, is already mapping and 
connecting millions of people. Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity (see is 

also coordinating groups throughout the world.

New management processes are stimulating cooperation, coordination, cocreativity, leading to emergence.

Otto Scharmer (2007: 31-35) describes new forms of collective power arising. He calls it Presencing: 
Learning from the Future.Presencing is to sense, tune in, act from one’ s highest potential.the future that 
depends on us to bring it into being. We are connected to the deeper realm of emergence; listening from 

the field of the future.we are in communion or ‘grace.’

In the 1970’s in The Committee for the Future we did 25 SYNCON conferences in Wheel-shaped 
environments divided into major functions of the social body. Our purpose was to examine long-range 

evolutionary goals and to foster synergistic convergence of opposing groups and activities. Every group 
was asked to state its goals, needs and resources. Then we took down walls between sectors and asked 
people to seek common goals among conflicting or separate functions and to match needs and resources. 
The social synergy worked every time. There was a spontaneous experience of exhilaration; everyone 

found they could get what they wanted well through cooperation than opposition. There was an experience 
of social love, of overcoming stereotypes, of the reality that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It 
was an early experiment in social synergy.

Another harbinger of a change in our political system came in 1984 when my name was placed in 
nomination for the vice presidency of the US on the Democratic ticket suggesting the function of social 
synergy and cooperation be placed in the office of the vice presidency. I called for an Office for the Future 

and a Peace Room to be as sophisticated as our war rooms. Its purpose is to map, track, connect, and 
communicate what is working in America and in the world. There are now several efforts underway to 
build the Peace Room under a variety of names.

We can visualize the process of social evolution through innovations as a Wheel turning within our Turn on 
the Spiral.


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