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We know we can’t return to a past stage, or stay where we are. Just as a new -born baby must rapidly 
breathe, coordinate, nurse, eliminate, so humanity as a social body must quickly respond to its “hygienic” 
life support problems such as global warming, environmental degradation, mass extinction of other species 
vital to Earth life, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, massive poverty, hunger, epidemic diseases, 

social injustice, etc. These problems are time critical. We do not have long to change our behavior.
If we look at these problems as separate unrelated breakdowns brought on by misbehavior, mistakes, or 
simple greed and unconsciousness we will not catch hold of the dynamics of what is actually happening.

To have some compassion on ourselves as a very young universal species.we have not yet seen another 
planet go through this phase change from its high technology, over-populating, polluting and warring 
phase. We are so far, unique to ourselves. We do not even know if we are doing well or badly!

From the point of view of the developmental path of a universal species every one of these hygienic, 
immediate problems is natural, and is naturally activating capacities and initiatives to solve them. We are 
beginning to shift to renewable resources, clean energy, conservation, protection of species, community- 

building, organic farming, barter, micro-credit loans, etc, etc. These initiatives are not led from the top, are 
not even yet named as a movement, and reported hardly at all in the mass media. Most of us do not know 
what is happening because our current media, our planetary nervous system, does not inform us.

The truth is, a vast global movement is arising dealing with these ‘problems’ in such a way as to transform 
the world. We are witnessing a response to life threatening conditions far beyond any past movement or 
current leadership.

Paul Hawken (2007a) writes:

A Global Democracy Movement is about to Pop: I believe there are over one million 

organizations working toward ecological sustainability and social justice. Maybe two.After 

spending years researching this phenomenon, including creating with my colleagues a global 

database of these organizations ( ) I have come to these conclusions: this is 

the largest social movement in all of history, no one knows its scope, and how it functions is more 

mysterious than what meets the eye.. the movement can’ t be divided because it is atomized – 

small pieces loosely joined, it forms, gathers, and dissipates has been known to bring 

down governments, companies, and leaders through witnessing, informing, and massing. .The 

movement has three basic roots; the environmental and social justice movements, and indigenous 

cultures’ resistance to globalization—all of which are intertwining. It arises spontaneously from 

different economic sectors, cultures, regions, and cohorts, resulting in a global, classless, diverse, 

and embedded movement spreading worldwide without exception.. It is the largest coming 

together of citizens in history. .The promise of this unnamed movement is to offer solutions to 

what appear to be insoluble dilemmas: poverty, global climate change, terrorism, ecological 

degradation, polarization of income, and loss of culture. It is not burdened with a syndrome of 

trying to save the world; it is trying to remake the world.

Hawken (2007b) expands on this theme in “Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World 
Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming.” His website ( maps these 
organizations and invites all of us to add our own activities in a self organizing system for the next level of 

self-governance. He plans to set up wiser business, wiser government, and wiser philanthropy. This is a 
sign that we are almost ready for the non-linear connectivity of that which is already at work to heal and 
evolve our world.

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