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In fact, we are already beginning to do so.

But our mass media is still an infantile nervous system. It reports on problems, pain, dissension, and then 

puts us to sleep. Like a baby’s nervous system just after birth. It does not know what is emerging. It does 
not recognize our evolutionary potential as real. It does not pick up the reality of our own potential. It has 
never seen a planetary organism come to life! Like the natives who did not recognize the great ships of the 
Spanish explorers because they had never seen them before, our mass media does not recognize our 

emerging culture and the people that are creating a new world in our midst, because it has never seen it 
before. Yet our new media, our Internet, cell phones, texting, and other personal communication devices 
are already linking us into one interacting social body, transcending our mass nervous system.

Our political system is structured for balance of powers through separation and opposition. It does not 
usually respond to new forms of self-organization, cooperation, and communication that are proliferating at 
the grass roots level under the surface of powerful institutions, already changing the world.

Our academic institutions are for the most part teaching students in separate unrelated disciplines to 
succeed in the existing world, without awareness that we are undergoing a whole system shift to the next 
stage of our evolution, and that they should be preparing students for their unique roles in the conscious 

evolution of humanity.

Our military is usurping some of our advanced technologies, building ever more effective killing machines. 
As a society we need to shift the evolutionary goal posts from dominance and control to co-evolution and 

transformation. In the famous words of Buckminster Fuller “from weaponry to livingry.” Can we shift our 
guiding memetic code in time to save ourselves from self-destruction? That is our question.

From the Evolutionary Synthesis point of view we see ourselves as a very young universal species, 

just after our birth as a planetary/universal species, whose problems are natural to this stage yet 
whose memes are still pre-birth or pre-evolutionary and dangerously misguided.

Let’s see what is happening when we see ourselves as an emerging, self-evolving species. Let’s take the 

perspective of a more mature humanity, what we will be like when we grow up just a little and begin 
guiding our own evolution wisely and humbly.

We are not ignoring here the Spiral Dynamics understanding of the various stages of cultural values and 
development in which various groups of humanity function now. We are taking the “Overview 
Perspective” to catch hold of that which is emerging from a planetary universal developmental perspective, 
realizing that although our planetary body is not yet functioning as a whole, although it is broken into 

conflicting memes and cultures, nonetheless, we are one living planetary organism. Our whole system is 
complexifying and integrating, whether we like each other or not!


Here are five major categories of positive intelligent responses that have not yet been fully mapped or 

connected, but are none the less all happening simultaneously, right now.

One: Emergencies
Two: Rise of the Eco-Zoic Age (understanding nature’s intelligence); 

Three: Personal Growth and Spiritual Evolution;
Four: Emergences (Social Innovations that work); and
Quantum Evolutionary Technologies that are now radically changing the human condition.


Emergencies are time critical-problems that must be solved quickly if humanity is to survive and 
grow. We are given a very short time frame in which to change, far shorter than is usually possible 
at the cultural/social level.

From the perspective of our “birth” as a universal humanity, we can see that these immediate problems are 
“hygienic.” They require immediate responses in order for us to secure our vital functions for the next 
phase of our evolution.

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