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discovering. We are the story of creation come alive as our own creativity! In our atoms, molecules and 
cells lie coded in the whole story of creation.

The Evolution of the Universe has brought us to the stage on this Earth of the Evolution of Evolution itself. 

The meme of conscious evolution gives us guidance, encouragement, and the rationale to learn how to do 
it, naturally.

Conscious evolution is the natural awakening of our species as we face the evolutionary crises caused in 

some part by our own actions, and therefore requires us to learn to use our own powers ethically and wisely 
in alignment with the subtext or Cosmic Code of evolution. This Code calls for our evolution toward 
higher consciousness, greater intelligence, more connectivity, freedom, and synergistic order.


The Evolution of Humanity/Society

The evolution of the universe toward more intelligent life, combined with the evolution of evolution toward 
choice and human guidance, of necessity requires the maturation of our species. We will grow up, or self- 

destruct while still in the womb of Earth and in the limits of self-centered consciousness.

Basic Meme: Our story is the birth of a universal humanity capable of coevolving with nature and 
cocreating with Spirit, the Cosmic Code.

We now seek to identify and develop memes to guide us at the threshold of conscious evolution, in a 
universe that we assume is coded to produce intelligent, universal life ever-evolving.

We see that humanity has been cocreating a new realm of being. Out of the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the 
biosphere there has emerged the noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth. It began with language when we 
learned to communicate “exo-genetically,” outside of the genetic code.

The noosphere is the mind sphere; it is the larger social body created by human intelligence. It is 

composed of all the spiritual, cultural, social, and technological capacities of humanity, seen as 

one interrelated superorganism. It is formed from our languages, our art and music, our religious 

and social structures, our constitutions, our technologies and more.. We are now born into an 

extended social and scientific capacity that has never existed before on Earth. It is through this 

collective social body of shared intelligence, capacities and systems that we go to the moon, map 

our genes, clone a sheep, and transmit our television images around the world at the speed of 

light. It is into this body that we as “imaginal cells” are born, in the still invisible body of the 

“societal butterfly.” Conscious Evolution has arisen at this precise moment of history because the 

noosphere has matured and has given humanity powers to affect evolution by choice (Hubbard, 

1998: 15).

Gregory Stock describes this superorganism:

Imagine looking down from the moon at the night side of an Earth pitch dark and invisible except 

for a brightly lit network of human constructions – luminous cities, highways, canals, telephone 

and power lines. A faint, speckled web of light would seem to float in space. Some regions of this

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