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process of creation has put power in our hands that we used to attribute to our gods. We have created 
capacities that transcend our moral and spiritual teachings, especially in science and technology. We are 
literally at the frontier of becoming cocreators with the process of creation or devolution and possible 

Billions of species before us have become extinct. But we are the first to be aware that we can destroy 
ourselves and other species by our own actions. We are the first to be called to affect the evolution of life 
on Earth, consciously and deliberately. This is the great evolutionary wake up call.

When we get through this early phase of conscious evolution, I believe that we will look back on this 
period as the glorious, painful birth of universal humanity, as important as the origin of Homo sapiens 
sapiens and self-reflective consciousness some forty thousand years ago (Hubbard, 1998).

James Martin (2006: 222-223) says:

Evolution on Earth has been in nature’s hands. Now, suddenly, it is largely in human hands. The 

extreme slowness of nature-based evolution makes it almost unnoticeable alongside human-based 

evolution. As we automate some of the processes of evolution, the rates of change will become 

phenomenal. This change from nature-based evolution to human-based evolution is, by far, the 

largest change to occur since the first single-cell life appeared .. When it first happens on a 

planet, it is probably dangerous. The creatures that take evolution into their own hands have 

no experience in the game.. Now that we are in charge of evolution, we need to learn the 

rules: Nature’s evolution experiments, constantly trying new things. We humans are a new 

type of experiment -- a young species, still adolescent and playing with fire. Unlike migrating 

swallows or foraging ants, we are not biologically programmed to know what to do. Instead we 

are an experiment in free choice. This gives us enormous potential. We will spur evolution of 

the technology and management capability to exercise that free choice on the grandest scale.

Jonas Salk (1983) states:

The most meaningful activity in which a human being can be engaged is one that is directly 

related to human evolution. This is true because human beings now play an active and critical 

role not only in the process of their own evolution but also in survival and evolution of all living 

beings. Awareness of this places upon human beings a responsibility for their participation in and 

contribution to the process of evolution. If humankind would accept and acknowledge this 

responsibility and become creatively engaged into the process of metabiological evolution 

consciously, as well as unconsciously, a new reality would emerge, and a new age would be born.

Prof. Eric Chaisson writes: The change from matter-dominance to life dominance is the second of two 
preeminent events in the history of the universe.if our species is to survive and enjoy a future, then we 
must make synonymous the words future and ethical, thus terming our next grand evolutionary epoch, 
ethical evolution (Chaisson, 1998: p.8).

This is the exact moment in which we find ourselves. We are the first generation to be aware of the process 
of evolution and that we are a conscious participant in it. We are in and actually are the story we have been

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