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womb – quantum vacuum—is not a possible “has been” reality, but an active, nurturing mother- 

factor that dances with all that it gives birth to (Laszlo, 1996).

(The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE, website ) is a multidisciplinary 
professional organization of scientists and scholars committed to studying phenomena that cross or are 
outside the transitional boundaries of their disciplines, and, for these or other reasons, are ignored or 

studied inadequately.)

Perhaps most of us are too immature in consciousness to directly experience expanded reality in a multi- 
dimensional universe. Yet, evolution is a consciousness-raising experience. From cell to animal to human 

we have evolved. Self-consciousness was at one time a quantum jump, so it may be that universal or 
cosmic consciousness, sensitive to other dimensions of reality, which some extraordinary people already 
have, may eventually become a new norm.

Peter Russell (1992) has hypothesized that it takes approximately 10 billion atoms to make a cell, and 10 
billion cells to make a brain. We are approaching ten billion people on this Earth, (which seems to be the 
limit of population). He hypothesizes in “White Hole in Time,” that as we approach this number of brains 

and neurons on the planet, and when we reach a state of mass resonance or coherence of brainwave
patterns of a critical mass, that we may be ready for shared experiences of other dimensions of reality. He 
assumes it will be an experience of intelligent light, a white light explosion, rather than a nuclear holocaust. 
Many of us have already had flashes of these experiences. However, except for a very few, none of us have 

stabilized in this expanded level of consciousness. More of this will be addressed in Microcosmic 
Evolution below.

In summation: We find ourselves on a universal developmental path. The process is coded in the physical 

laws of the universe, possibly designed by those that came before us. This Code springs from the 
unfathomable mind of the cosmos or God, and is now becoming conscious in us as evolving humans. We 
are facing together the radical unknown guided by the “instructions” of the subtext of the universe, which is 
Create More Intelligent Life.

Now let’s place within the Evolution of the Universe the awareness that evolution itself is evolving.

The Evolution of Evolution

Basic Meme: We are entering the first Age of Conscious Evolution, the evolution of evolution from
unconscious to conscious choice.

Conscious Evolution arises out of:
• The new cosmology – the understanding of cosmogenesis and the evolving universe of
which we are a dynamic element;

• Our global crises, which can lead to systems collapse and species-wide extinction,
forcing us to evolve or die;
• Our radical new evolutionary technologies which can destroy life as we know it, or
transform life beyond carbon-based/technological humanity, transcending the animal- 

human condition.

Conscious Evolution is experienced spiritually as our yearning to connect with the deeper patterns of 

creation and to become one with that reality.

It is experienced socially as the passion to express our unique creativity for the good of ourselves and the 
larger world. It is felt as a relentless creativity, the incarnation of the process of creation as our own 

impulse to evolve, to connect, to love on another.

It is expressed scientifically and technologically as the human intent to understand nature and to cocreate 
with nature new forms of healing and evolving ourselves and our world, eventually transcending the 

current creature-human condition.

Conscious evolution is not a new ideology or philosophy. It is simply a noticing of the fact that we are 
aware of evolution, and are affecting our own evolution by everything that we do. It is actually evolution 

become aware of itself as us. We are the face of evolution. Every one of us is evolution in person. The

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