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further convulsions had occurred, and the osteopath could find no lesions in 

the back or difficulty in the lacteal duct area.

.. This boy, now eighteen years old, has just joined the navy and passed 

their physical examination. I think this case could be considered a complete 

2/19/1954 Verbal report from a friend of the family:

“[2991] wet the bed from the time he was born, and was still wetting the 
bed when I first knew him at the age of 14. . The family doctor (cousin 

of the father) said he had epilepsy, and said nothing could be done for him 
but to give him belladonna, and in all probability the attacks would increase 

as he became older... desperation the mother decided to ask me to ask 
Mr. Cayce for a reading.

I believe the reading was followed as closely as it was humanly possible for 
it to be done correctly. He never had another attack. He then in due course 

went into the Navy. When he came out he married and has a daughter. He 
has now taken a position with the ... Company. It's my opinion that the 

suggestions given in the reading were followed over a period of about a 
year. He's a different person now. All of his troubles cleared up, and he is 

now a happy, well adjusted young man.”


3. ase [571]: and 4. ase [561]: 

Both children in this family were experiencing seizures.

[561] was 16 years old when he first had a reading for epilepsy. 
He had been having them for two years. Shortly after his first 

reading, one was requested for his younger sister, [571], then 12 

years old. I would assume if this were happening today the 

children would be tested for an epilepsy gene.


5/28/1934 A reading had been obtained for her older brother. 

Now the mother was noticing similar “attacks” in [571], except


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