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“My nephew, [2991], is coming along fine - he almost had another 

convulsion a few weeks ago - all indications pointed toward one for a 
couple days - but he managed to pull through without it, so we're all in 

hopes he won't have any more. Dr. Rathbun says the lesion in his back has 
softened up so much that he doesn't believe [2991] will have any more, that 
the pressure has been relieved sufficiently to prevent any more 


2nd reading was dated 10/14/1943. Follow-up suggestions were 

given for the osteopath who had been treating [2991]:

“Do keep the area about the lacteal duct loosened more. The 
adhesions there have not been entirely broken up. As indicated, 

use more of the Oil Packs and then, not too deep, massage 
sufficiently - as well as keeping the corrections in the upper cervicals 
- to break up those lesions there; 
and we will not have further 
trouble with these spasmodic reactions.” 2991-2

3/30/1946 Copy of report sent by mother concerning [2991] to Dr. 
Henry George, III8:

“When he was twelve years old, he had a severe convulsion; another in 

November, 1942, and another in May, 1943. Physicians attributed the 
condition possibly to his age, with the possibility of his outgrowing it after 

he passed through puberty, and prescribed luminal to control the 

The readings called for a Passion Flower fusion, osteopathic treatments, 
with castor oil packs, and a very strict diet. The instructions were 

followed, with noticeable improvement in the boy's general condition, 
and no recurrence of the convulsions.

In October 1943, a check reading was obtained, as the series of osteopathic 
treatments mentioned had been completed, and it was desired that further 

instructions be given. This recommended continued osteopathic 
treatments, and a slight modification of the diet.

Before the time mentioned of an additional eighteen months had expired, 

the osteopath had assured the boy that he felt sure there would be no danger 
of any recurrence of the convulsions. His general health was good, no

8 Dr. Henry George, III wrote a review about [2991] and his cure in the 11/1946 

A.R.E. BULLETIN, Vol. XV No. 3. This is also available in the readings under 


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