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riding his bicycle - went a block and a half without memory before falling. 

Except for this apparently normal and healthy, with exception of trouble 
with kidneys all his life [bedwetting], and a continual pimply face.”

1st reading was dated 5/8/1943. Cayce stated the problem 

originated in the lacteal glands and now was affecting the medulla 

oblongata at the base of the brain and had caused a lesion in the 
area of the 1st and 2nd cervical. But he then gave:

“We find that diet will be among the principal conditions to be 

reckoned with, but taking a fusion of the Passion Flower5, with the 
adjustments and a gentle massage6 to cause the body to ABSORB 

the lesion in the 1st and 2nd cervical, as well as to break up that one 
in the lacteal duct center7 and absorb it, MAY prevent the recurrent 

conditions of this nature.

It will require time and patience. There may be some recurrence. 

These conditions may alter, or come when there are the alterations; 
but have this correction made before puberty is complete, else we 

may have a continuation of these conditions.” 2991-1


5/23/1943 Letter from [2991]’s Aunt:

“It might interest you to know that Dr. Rathbun [D.O.] found the lesion in 
[2991]'s back that the reading mentioned. He's going to be convinced some 
day, I think, in spite of himself. He is cooperative, though, which is a great 

help, and religiously follows the treatments prescribed.”

8/11/1943 Letter from [2991]’s Aunt:

5 An herbal remedy Cayce frequently recommended for people with epilepsy. It 

was to be used, sometimes in addition to, but mostly to reduce or prevent the 
need for, antiepileptic medication(s) when all of the suggestions were being 

followed. See reading 543-20 for Cayce’s suggestion of using both medication 
and this herbal remedy. Available through Baar Products. See Footnotes #8 and 

#9 and “References & Resources.”
6 See “References & Resources” regarding spinal massage patterns. 
7 See “References & Resources” for definitions of the lacteal area.


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