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I would say to you, that every word in the clipping you enclosed is true, 

except that our little girl was SIX instead of EIGHT years of age when the 
cure was affected. . Mr. Cayce is NO fake.

I am sincerely yours.”

1/20/1959 Finally, a letter from Aimee’s sister, Lois D. Freeman, 
to Hugh Lynn Cayce:

“ Dear Mr. Cayce:

.I shall be happy to comply with your request for information on the life 

of Aimee Dietrich. .. Aimee L. Dietrich, 6 years old, pronounced a 
hopeless case of epilepsy, improved rapidly after a reading by Edgar Cayce 

and treatment by Dr. A. C. Layne. In three weeks time she was able to sit 
up in a chair and cut out pictures. She entered school the following year, 

attending schools in Hopkinsville and Winchester, KY. She graduated 
second in her class from Winchester High School, and entered the 

University of Kentucky in 1916.

A year or two later the convulsions recurred and medical treatment was 

ineffective. She became interested in Christian Science and had a healing 
experience. She reentered the U. of Kentucky and graduated with honors in 

1930 or 1931. In 1933 she suffered a severe case of influenza from which 
she never recovered. Glandular tuberculosis developed and she passed 

away on March 20, 1934, at the age of 37.”


2. Case [2991]:

A 15-year-old boy who received two readings.

5/8/1943 Mother gave background information and was present for 
the first reading:

“3 yrs. ago had convulsions for the first time, then last fall - day before 

Thanksgiving had 8-10 convulsions; again the other day had one while


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