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She was now six years old and getting worse, had as many as twenty 

convulsions in one day, her mind was a blank, all reasoning power was 
entirely gone.

March 1st, 1902, she was taken to Dr. Hoppe of Cincinnati, who made a 
most thorough examination. He pronounced her a perfect specimen 

physically, except for the brain affliction, concerning which he stated that 
only nine cases of this peculiar type were reported in Medical Records, and 

every one of these had proved fatal. He told us that nothing could be done, 
except to give her good care, as her case was hopeless and she would die 

soon in one of these attacks.

At this period our attention was called to Mr. Edgar Cayce, who was asked 

to diagnose the case. By autosuggestion, he went into a sleep or trance and 
diagnosed her case as one of congestion at base of the brain, stating also 

minor details. He outlined to Dr. A. C. Layne [D.O.], now of Griffin, GA., 
how to proceed to cure her. Dr. Layne treated4 her accordingly, every day 

for three weeks, using Mr. Cayce occasionally to follow up the treatment, as 
results developed. Her mind began to clear up about the eighth day and 
within three months she was in perfect health, and is so to this day. This 

case can be verified by many of the best citizens of Hopkinsville, KY. And 
further deponent, saith not.”

10/9/1910 Part of the N.Y. Times article titled: “Illiterate Man 

Becomes A Doctor When Hypnotized: Strange Power Shown by 

Edgar Cayce Puzzles Physicians”

“Dr. Wesley H. Ketchum is a reputable physician of high standing and 
successful practice in the homeopathic school of medicine... ‘One case, a 
little girl, daughter of a gentleman prominent in the American Book 

Company of Cincinnati, had been diagnosed by the best men in the Central 
States as incurable. One diagnosis from my man completely changed the 

situation, and within three months she was restored to perfect health, and is 
to this day.’ ”

10/17/1910 Mrs. Dietrich's (Aimee’s mother) letter in reply to an 

inquiry about the truth of the article:

“Dear Madam:

4 See “Summary” and “References & Resources” for information regarding 
osteopathic treatments.


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