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A 5-year-old girl. She received more than one reading but none 

were transcribed. The reports were from her father, mother and 

sister. This is one instance where the person’s name was available, 
in addition to a case number; because the family wanted others to 

know of Cayce’s gift and the help they had received for their little 


12/12/1902 Aimee L. Dietrich was given her first reading by Edgar 

Cayce when she was nearly 5 years old and he was 25. She first 
developed seizures when she was 2 years old with “an attack of La 

Grippe” (the flu). After following the suggestions in her readings, 

Aimee was seizure-free for approximately 14 years. Her sister 

reported there was a recurrence during college, but again she was 
healed, this time through her faith. It is evident that she received at 

least two healings but still died at a young age.

A New York Times article2, dated 10/9/1910, was written about Dr. 

Wesley H. Ketchum’s experiences with Cayce and mentions this 

little girl’s initial cure.

10/8/1910 Father's sworn affidavit:

“Aimee L. Dietrich, born January, 7th, 1897, at Hopkinsville, KY, was 
perfectly strong and healthy until Feb. 1899, when she had an attack of La 

Grippe, followed by two violent convulsions, each of twenty minutes 
duration. Dr. T. G. Yates, now of Pensacola, Florida, was the attending 
physician. Convulsions returned, at irregular intervals, with increasing 

severity. She would fall just like she was shot; her body would become 
perfectly rigid, the spells lasting from one to two minutes.

This went on for two years, or until she was four years old. At this time, she 

was taken to Dr. Linthicum and Dr. Walker, also of Evansville. They said a 
very peculiar type of nervousness was all that ailed her and proceeded to 
treat her accordingly, but after several months’ treatment, with no results, 

the treatment was stopped.

In a few months, Dr. Oldham [D.O.]of Hopkinsville, KY, was consulted 
and he treated her three months, without results. Later he took her for four 
months more treatment, making seven months in all, but without results.

The complete article is available in the Cayce readings under: “Reports of 
Reading 294-1 M 33.”
3 Doctor of Osteopathy


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