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“Again we would insist that we have asked that it be taken as a 
study, as a thing or condition in the experience of mankind - that 

this organization may give much to the world on one particular 
disturbance that has baffled the wise and the foolish. This study on 

that called epilepsy - for THREE YEARS! And you will be 
undefeatable!” 254-82

Still in trance at the end of a “work” reading given to guide the 

A.R.E. as an organization, Edgar Cayce volunteered the above 

statement without any prompting. It was 1935 and Cayce’s source 
was urging them on, saying,

“It's often stated that the work IS a research and enlightenment 
program; but how much research have you done?” 254-81

“Again we would insist..”, quite a strong urging! But it holds the 
promise of relief from a condition that brings misery to many.

In all, Cayce gave 269 readings to 97 people indexed under the 

heading of “epilepsy.” I read most of them in my quest to help my 
daughter who had suffered with it for eight years. What 

encouraged me the most, besides the comfort the first castor oil 

pack1 brought her, was that there had been at least 9 people 

reporting they were cured, giving credit in part or in whole, to the 
psychic readings they had received from Edgar Cayce.

Their stories are what follow. Selections from the readings given 

to those people and their edited reports speak for themselves. 
Order is predominantly by age. Words in bold print were 

especially meaningful to me.


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1 See “References & Resources” for more information about castor oil packs and 
books on its healing abilities.


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