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5/23/1944 [5232]’s Letter:

“Dr. George has told you about my case of Grand Mal. I would be so 
grateful if you will give me a Physical reading... After reading of your 

work, I feel that there may be hope of a permanent recovery for me.”

5/23/1944 Dr. George's letter:

“This is Mrs. [5232] the young mother of whom I spoke to you by phone 
last week. It is she who is afflicted with Grand Mal and it is for her that I 
hope you will be able to give us a suggestion as to how we may help her to 

a permanent recovery.”

6/2/1944 [5232]’s Letter:

“...I will be at my home... I am reading There Is A River. . I want to be 
well prepared for my reading. I have all of the faith in the world that I will 

be cured.”

6/8/1944 Excerpts from the one reading for [5232]:

“Yes, as we find, there has long been a lesion in the coccyx area of the 

cerebrospinal system. .. But if there are the spiritual attitudes and 
aptitudes, the breaking up of the lesion in the coccyx area and those 

tendencies for adhesions in the lacteal duct area, the relaxing in the upper 
cervical areas, these gradually worked together, osteopathically, these as 

we find can change the periods of these convulsions, lapses of memory, 
lapse of coordinations.

There will come 1 or 2 very severe periods with some of these changes. 
When these occur we would administer a heavy fusion of Passion 
Flower. [Directions were given to make the fusion correctly.] When 
there are those close periods, and these will come just before the

13 “That would be the fruit, the leaves, the vine, a gallon by measure. Put this in 
a 2-gallon container and fill with (distilled) water. Reduce by slow boiling to a 

quart and a pint. Add sufficient grain alcohol to make a preserving of the 
solution; then this would be strained off, of course, or filtered off.” 5232-1 In 

another reading Cayce added, “Do not put this in tin or aluminum but rather in 
an enamel container, with an enamel or glass cover.” 3430-1 Tincture or Elixir 

of Wild Ginseng was added to some fusions. Dosage and frequency would vary 
depending on the person.


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