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“Mrs. [1916] has been in poor health for several years and has been in a 

nursing home for nearly two years. I (her husband) have heard her speak 
many times of her contacts with Mr. Cayce and I have read the readings. I 

can answer fairly well the questions in Part Two, based on living with her 
for over thirty years.

According to what she told me, her contacts with Mr. Cayce were more for 
physical help than anything else. As a child she had a skull fracture which 

was operated on at Johns Hopkins Hospital, but, as she grew older, she had 
attacks of what were probably 'grand mal' epilepsy. It was for this condition 

that, hopefully, Mr. Cayce could advise about.

As far as I know, the attacks of epilepsy tapered off in her late twenties and 

in the more than thirty years of our marriage, she had none. However, the 
childhood head injury was a growing influence on her health and, even 

though I took her to Duke University Hospital several times, there was 
apparently nothing that could be done to arrest the gradual physical (and 

some mental) deterioration. She is now about eighty percent paralyzed, 
unable to write and has very great difficulty in talking.”

5/30/1973 Gladys Davis's note:

“Mrs. [1916]'s cousin today told me that [1916] died about a year ago.”


6. ase [5232]:

A 25-year-old woman, married with a child. This was one of the 
simpler cases. Basically, osteopathic adjustments and Passion 

Flower fusion were recommended with a promise of improvement 

if the remedies were followed with an awakened spiritual attitude. 

All cases should be this easy to treat!

Many women with epilepsy will identify with mention made of 
seizures increasing at the beginning of their menstrual cycles.


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