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you had a complete cure. Most important of all, are you still suffering from 

convulsions in any form? Also, what has been the exact medical diagnosis 
of your condition by doctors? ..”

7/31/1960 [1916]’s letter to Dr. Walter N. Pahnke:

“I was delighted to know of your research on epilepsy. To try and answer 
your questions. At 17 yrs. of age when my first reading was taken, I was so 
very immature in my thinking along such lines that I did not give to them 

the significance I would give them now. . So - I must say in defense of 
the treatment that I did not apply my mind to same as much as should have 

been. The months I stayed at Va. Beach (at hospital) did wonders for me. 
Though my seizures were not stopped entirely, they were indeed 


I was well enough to go to Europe by 1930. .. The osteopath to whom I 

went, (after being at the Cayce Hospital) did follow instructions, I feel. I 
was under treatment there for 6 months or so at his clinic .. The seizures 

were lessened by these treatments but were not completely cured.

My physical condition must have been wonderful as I led a very active life 
through that period. I drove my car. I went everywhere a normal teenager 
wants to go. . I did not drive at night - most of my seizures were at night 

when the body was quiescent.

When I was 26, I was on a porch in Florida - talking to my mother one night 
and had a seizure - a very long one, according to my mother. When I came 
to, sufficiently, I was in bed. We didn't discuss it next day. She asked if I 

remembered the seizure and I had not - it was my last.

I am now 50 - none since that time. I am very thankful to report that I WAS 
cured - by prayer, faith - or the Cayce readings. I can only say, all 

played a part and I shall always be grateful for being a part for a time of the 
Association for Research & Enlightenment. Sincerely, [1916].”

8/1960 Dr. Pahnke's notes on this case, in his breakdown of 96 
cases of epilepsy from the Edgar Cayce records:

“The case was classified in group 1 with a probable diagnosis of grand mal 

epilepsy. The patient received treatment at the Cayce Hospital and while 
there several convulsions were noted on the record. Follow-up report in 

1960 from the patient indicated that she had no more convulsions after 
1934. Treatment was apparently followed. This case could be considered 

an apparent cure.”

1/25/1972 Husband's reply to ‘General Questionnaire and Personal 

Questionnaire’ :


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