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5. Case [1916]:

A 17-year-old girl suffering from seizures since she was 4 years 
old. Her first reading was 7/23/1927. Cayce said the problem was 

caused by a fall at the age of 16 months. Pressures to the glands 

and pelvic organs from spinal subluxations at the lower portions of 
the dorsal and lumbar region had resulted in the seizures 

(“spasmodic conditions”).

Osteopathic treatments (after first applying heat) were to be started 

and very specific dietary recommendations were given. Ultraviolet 

treatments were then suggested, directed to the same area, after the 
completion of 13-16 osteopathic adjustments. In follow-up 

readings Miss [1916] was told to begin taking May Blossom 

Bitters and to taper off Luminal.

Over the course of two years, she received four health readings for 

epilepsy and then requested a life reading. At age 26 the seizures 
stopped without further treatment and never occurred again.

The series of readings that [1916] received is well worth reading. 

It points out the problems that are caused by implementing only 

part of the remedies or having them done incorrectly, i.e., the 

osteopathic adjustments.

“.look after the end of the coccyx! That isn't being raised properly, 
and a pressure is created. To give these properties (the May Blossom 

Bitters) and not relieve the pressure will be to bring on another spasm. 
Don't do that! Relieve these pressures, and - as it is RELIEVED, these 
properties will assist nature in BUILDING that necessary to HOLD 

this in place - see?” 1916-4

7/27/1960 Letter to [1916] from Walter N. Pahnke, M.D.:

“I need your help in carrying out a research project in which I am engaged.. 
One of the diseases I am studying is epilepsy. I would appreciate a brief 

follow-up report from you on the results you got from your own personal 
reading. I would like to know (1) if you thought the description in your 
reading fitted your case, (2) for how long and (3) to what extent you 

followed the treatment and (4) what results were obtained. Please be frank. 
If you thought the reading was inaccurate or if after an honest and careful 

trial you noted no improvement I would like to know this just as much as if


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