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ACCOMPLISHING that as will eliminate the causes of the 

disturbances.” 571-3

reading was 12/21/1939. [571] was 17-years old. “.slight 
return occasionally of same spasmodic condition.”

The reading stated “conditions in many respects are much better than when 

we had this body here before,” but the colon and lacteal area needed 

attention. Castor oil packs and olive oil by mouth (the evening of 
the packs) were to be followed by:

“.osteopathic adjustment for the stimulating of the ganglia center 
from which the appendix obtains its impulse, see? .. And then be 

very mindful there is a full evacuation of the alimentary canal each 
day. And these disturbances will disappear.” 571-4


9/1940 Oral report to Gladys Davis by mother:

“Discontinued Luminal from the first reading and gave Mayblossom 
Bitters instead. Attacks gradually diminished and finally ceased 



1reading for [561], the 16-year-old brother, was 5/28/1934. 

Cayce gave the cause of the seizures and mentioned the abdominal 
“cold spot”12 that is often spoken about in readings for people with 


“.in times back, or when the body was at that stage or age when - 

as it may be said - the first solid foods were given, or the more 
astringent foods; and there was during that period an illness that 
affected the body through the temperature and - through the 

properties given - the lacteal ducts; which has caused a stricture 
there that affects primarily the caecum and the area as in the 

ascending colon. And when there is the spasm to the head, or when 
the circulation between the liver and the heart is affected, if the hand 

is placed upon the caecum and the area about the lacteal ducts it will 
be found that there is a COLDNESS there - though the body may not 

be aware of same.” 561-1

12 See “References & Resources” for articles discussing the abdomen’s role in 
idiopathic epilepsy.


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