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2nd reading was given that same day, (32 months after the 1st). 

Three questions and answers summarize the reading.

“(Q) Just what caused the three attacks last night?
(A) Read just what has been given! Indiscretion {with the diet}, poor 

elimination, changes coming about; and a reaction.

(Q) Should all the treatment as given be continued in the same 

(A) We would continue the Bitters10, and now relax the body {through 

osteopathic adjustments} in the areas given; being discrete regarding 
the eliminations and the diets.

(Q) Can anything be done at the time to relieve the convulsions? 
(A) Ice at the back of the neck will relieve. But she mustn't have 
any more, or very slight - if any. These may come about those periods. 
DO NOT resort to sedatives!” 


1/8/1938 Mother reported that [571] was greatly helped so long 
as the suggestions in the 2nd reading were followed. Recently, 

however, “the spells” had returned and seemed to be worse.

3rd reading took place 1/8/1938. [571] was now 15 years old. 

Recommendations at this time were for castor oil packs, 

osteopathic adjustments, and to continue with the Passion 

Flower fusion (not on the same days as the packs) and a healthy 

“And be mindful of the diets! Not too much sweets, ever. Not raw 
apples. No bananas, ever. No fried foods at any time.” 571-3

Other advice given (good for anyone working with the remedies): 

“Keep optimistic. Know that these are not taken just to be gotten

through with, but see them consciously DOING and

10 This is an abbreviation for Maypop or May Blossom Bitters.
This worked repeatedly for my daughter! It is a safe and simple method to 
begin putting the remedies into practice. The Vagus Nerve Stimulator might also 

work along these lines, when it does work, relieving without curing. Indirectly 
Cayce was suggesting the same thing by using ice 50 years earlier.


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