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that [571] would always have hers at night or early morning 

before arising, followed usually by a headache.

1st reading for [571] was dated 6/4/1934. She was 12 years old. 

Cayce described the cause and its effect on her body:

“These have to do with the coordinations in the eliminating systems, 

and produce in the nerve forces of the body a rush of blood to 
portions of the body, cutting off the reflexes to the head; thus 

producing the contraction and spasmodic conditions .. .had 
their inception in a type of fever that was contracted by the body at 
some times past - which affects the glands and the secretions from 

same, causing this disorder.” 571-1

Recommendations were simple; an herbal fusion made from 
Maypop or Mayblossom, or Passion Flower vine and blossom 

(all were interchangeable), a weekly massage, and a wholesome 

diet avoiding sweets. A follow-up reading was to be requested in 

2 months. Results to be expected?

“Do this, and we will bring for this body, [571], NORMAL 
conditions.. .Without this, to be sure, there may be produced such 

strains in organs or the nerve forces as to become a constitutional 
condition.” 571-1


7/9/1934 Mother's comment:

“[571] is off Luminal9 altogether, only using the Maypop prescription. 

The attacks are farther apart and less severe. Dr. . (M.D.) was 
interested in her reading, said Maypop was an old-time remedy.”

9/1/1934 Mother reported that [571] was getting on fine. She 

had not had any more attacks and her general condition was 

greatly improved.

9/26/1934 Mother phoned in a.m. to say that [571] had several 
attacks last night, the first in 2 months. She was worried and 

thought it was time for a check reading.

9 A brand name for Phenobarbital, an antiepileptic medication.


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