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and scientific, a new thought, so new, so ancient. This 
thought is that the transcendent God of History indwells 

each of us as us. Our relation to all avatars is that of 

younger siblings, sisters and brothers who are awakening 

at last to the awesome and exhilarating truth, the final fact 

of the ultimate covenant. We are the heirs, the operative 
expressions of divinity Itself, now!”

—Sidney Thomas Lanier

“There are fifty million people in the United States alone 

that have undergone a comprehensive shift in their world- 

view, values, and way of life. They express serious ecolog- 
ical and planetary perspectives, emphasis on relationships 

and women’s point of view, commitment to spirituality 

and psychological development, disaffection with the large 

institutions of modern life, including both left and right in 

politics, and rejection of materialism and status display. 

This is twenty-six percent of the adult population of the 
United States. As recently as the early 1960s, less than five 

percent of the population was engaged in making these 

momentous changes. A similar phenomenon is happening 

in Europe.”

—Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., and Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D.


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