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A Greater Evolution is 

the Real Goal of Humanity

“The coming of a spiritual age must be preceded by the 

appearance of an increasing number of individuals who 

are no longer satisfied with the normal intellectual, vital, 

and physical existence of man, but perceive that a greater 

evolution is the real goal of humanity and attempt to effect 
it in themselves, to lead others to it, and to make it the rec- 

ognized goal of the race. In proportion as they succeed and 

to the degree to which they carry this evolution, the yet 

unrealized potentiality which they represent will become 

an actual possibility of the future.”

—Sri Aurobindo

“Find me somebody who has detached his emotional and 

psychological ego from the real self, without having to 

deny the place it plays in the scheme of things and with- 

out slaying any part of himself because the transcendence 

is there also, and I will have discovered the ineffable in the 
individual and a direct pathway for the communion of my 

own soul.”

—Ernest Holmes

“There is emerging from out of the mist of myth, religious 


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