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Emergence is dedicated to Sidney Thomas Lanier, 

whose faith in the emergence of the “sovereign person” in 

each of us, and his love of me for the past ten years of 

learning, has drawn me forth, preparing me to enter the 

mysterious process of becoming a ‘cosmic coupling.’

Emergence is also dedicated to all my beloved children: 
Woodleigh Marx Hubbard, an inspired children’s illustrator 

and champion of children’s innocence and joy; Alexandra 

Morton, whale researcher in British Columbia, passionate 

environmentalist, and champion of interspecies co-existence; 

Wade Hubbard, a musician and entrepreneur who, with his 

wife, Kehau, is setting the scene to bring the great power of 
popular music to illuminate the new story; and Maj. Lloyd 

Frost Hubbard and his wife, Laura, who bring to the Air Force 

and to flying the spiritual commitment of love and excellence.

Also, to my beloved sister Patricia Ellsberg, my best 

friend for the past fifty years, who through ACE 
(Association for Cooperative Economics) is pioneering in 

how to redirect consumer spending for the support of 

organizations now serving the Earth. And to my sister 

Jacqueline Barnett, an artist and source of ever-ready 

strength, wisdom, and inspiration to me.

To the “Seed Group” of Santa Barbara, who invited me 
into the resonant field that launched the repatterning of 

my life, and the coming into form of my visionary work; 

with special thanks to Teresa Collins and Marshall Lefferts, 

co-directors of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution; 

and to Anne Milgrim, Patricia Gaul, and Jai Jamison, who 

are contributing so much to the work.
To Carolyn Anderson and John Zwerver, who pio- 

neered with me the core group process and who are now 

creating The Co-Creator’s Handbook: an Experiential Guide 

for Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose.

To Nancy Carroll, who brought the Foundation through 

its early years to its readiness to grow.


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