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Emergence is dedicated to my eldest daughter, 
Suzanne. Several years ago, she asked me a critical ques- 

tion: “What do we know about the developmental path of 

the Universal Human?” We began to search together to dis- 

cover the pattern of our own emergence. How did it hap- 

pen that each of us had evolved so far beyond the 
worldview and state of being in which we were born? We 

probed our own life paths, sharing our earliest memories, 

our unitive experiences, our woundings, choices, awaken- 

ings, and passionate desire to more fully express our 

unique creativity through joining with each other. Then 

Suzanne, a weaver, mother, and gardener, set to work to 
discover a “Blueprint,” a new lens that served as a portal 

for us to discover the actual process of our own personal 

emergence. She began to write The Life Book which lays 

out the Blueprint.

Meanwhile, I continued to discover the pattern of my 

own and others’ emergence as a new type of human, one 
that has been gestating in the psyche of humanity for thou- 

sands of years and only now is coming forth en masse as 

a new norm. Key elements of Suzanne’s Life Book 

“Blueprint,” a work-in-progress, is reprinted on page 182, 

so that the reader can also see a portal through which this 

way of conscious self-evolution begins.


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