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The Cross-Over Generation

How can you tell if you are one of those who is either 

in or passing through the early Embryonic stage of your 

development as a Universal Human?

The first sign you are in this stage is the event of con- 

ception. This is marked by your being awakened by spiri- 

tual experiences, peak moments, and unitive flashes. 
During the experiences, you have your first tastes of tran- 

scending your mind and feel yourself connected to God, to 

the energy of the whole. You sense that you are more than 

your personality, your assumed identity. The Essential Self, 

that deeper yet hidden part of your being that is connected 

to Source, that is animating and guiding you, is “turned 
on.” If you are fortunate, you have found yourself by cir- 

cumstance, conditions, and personal openness able to con- 

tinue nurturing this awareness, and a presence, an 

Essence, is now growing within you.

At conception, you catch a glimpse of the greater 
being that you are. You may experience higher guidance 

and a strong connection to those spiritual ancestors or 

archetypes who are most in harmony with your meta- 

physical temperament. You may awaken to a higher des- 

tiny through an awareness of what James Hillman calls 

your “soul’s code.”
If you are in this stage, you may find yourself cata- 

pulted out of your comfort and current life circumstances 

by a passionate desire to express your creativity—what I 

call “vocational arousal”—and an urgent wish to find 

others like yourself. You may experience resonance and 

communion with other pioneering souls who warm your 
heart and motivate you to reach out even more. Favorite 

authors may fall into this category. You may have allowed 

a lecturer or spiritual leader to touch your life in a signifi- 

cant way.

Having read this, you know already if you have gone 

through—or are going through—the next event of this


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