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The Emergence Context

The completion of my own personal passage through 

this initial stage has allowed me to move into the experi- 

ence I call emergence. This process begins in our Infancy 

and unfolds through the subsequent stages of our develop- 

ment. It is my observation that millions of people have, 

like me, started down the path of their own emergence, the 
steps of which are described in this book.

In order for you to see where you are in the larger 

process of your own emergence, I’d like to describe the 

first, or Embryonic stage of the Universal Human. But 

before I do, I want to tell you what we are all emerging 

into, what we are becoming.
A “Universal Human” is one who is connected through 

the heart to the whole of life, attuned to the deeper intelli- 

gence of nature, and called forth irresistibly by spirit to cre- 

atively express his or her gifts in the evolution of self and 

the world. Above all, a Universal Human has shifted iden- 
tity from the separated egoic self to the deeper self that is 

a direct expression of Source. To become a Universal 

Human is to evolve consciously, choosing a path of devel- 

opment that has never been mapped before in a world that 

has never existed before.

This book charts a course for all of us who are awak- 
ening to this new expression of humanity emerging within 

ourselves, and who are seeking guidance along the way. It 

is a first spiritual path ever designed specifically for this 

moment in human history; it is a personal path guiding us 

to participate consciously in the process of creation at the 

time when conditions on planet Earth are reaching a crisis 
so deep we may be heading toward a self-induced extinc- 

tion, or on the other hand, a transformation toward an 

immeasurable and unknown future. Emergence is a way 

for those of us who feel called to enter into the co-creation 

of a new world through the fulfillment of our own life pur- 

pose, creativity, and love.


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