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The Cross-Over Generation

Something is happening to us.
It is the most important thing that will ever happen to us. 

Ours is the first generation—and will be the only gen-

eration in human history—to experience it.

You will experience it directly, if you are ready.

What is happening could be called a birth, for in a very
real sense, it is the bringing forth of a new being—what I 

am calling a Universal Human. This birth is part of the long 

developmental process of our species and is in some ways 

similar to our biological growth. First there is the 

Embryonic stage that marks our earliest development as 

Universal Humans, and includes the events of our concep- 
tion, gestation, and birth. From there, we emerge into a 

second stage, our Infancy, We continue to develop, passing 

through the next stage of Childhood, followed by Youth. 

Finally, we graduate from the early stages and enter 

Adulthood. This final stage, I believe, has not yet been expe- 

rienced by any of us on planet Earth, because the condi- 
tions have not yet called us forth, as we shall soon see.

It is the mysterious process of the Embryonic stage, 

marked by the events of conception, gestation, and birth, 

that I believe many of us are in the midst of or have just 

completed. You will soon know if you are one of those who 

has experienced this stage.


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