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of individual transformation—a story of Barbara Marx 

Hubbard’s own work with this material, of her own 

spiritual experiment—that winds up presenting us all with 

a path to what could well be our own grandest human 


We can become something that we never were—and 
have always been. We can create something that we could 

not have imagined—and that we’ve always dreamed. We 

can produce something on this planet that we never 

thought possible—and that we always knew was probable, 

sooner or later.

We can do this if we will allow ourselves to explore 
together, and to take together, the journey to the ultimate 

realization of our human nature, and the total experience 

of our divine nature, which are one and the same.

This will take a sincere willingness to deeply under- 

stand both the prior limits of our human experience and 
the unlimited wonder of our human potential—and to turn 

what we have come to understand into the functioning 

realities of our daily life.

And it will take opportunity.

That’s what you’re holding in your hand. If I were 

called upon to describe this book in one word, I would say: 
opportunity. Because that’s what this book represents. And 

it is an opportunity that you have called to yourself.

So now, read what you were meant to read. Know 

what you were meant to know. What you have always 

known—and are now ready to act upon.

Your own emergence is at hand.
—Neale Donald Walsch 

Author, Conversations with God


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