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I have known Barbara Marx Hubbard for a number of 

years. I have known of her for a great many more. That is 

because Barbara’s life and work have touched the world in 

such enriching ways.

A philosopher and futurist of the first rank, she has writ- 

ten, lectured, facilitated workshops and retreats, acted as 
quiet consultant to political, business, and spiritual leaders, 

and placed the wealth of her mind at the disposal of the 

human race in countless other ways large and small, adding 

much to the treasure that is The Human Experience, and 

considerably enhancing it.

Anyone who has read one of her books knows what I 
mean. Anyone who has heard her lecture understands my 

comments perfectly. Anyone who has been deeply 

touched and changed forever at one of her workshops 

nods now in gigantic assent.

And anyone who has asked for her help in thinking 
through the problems of our times, assessing the chal- 

lenges and the possibilities of our tomorrows, or charting 

a course for our future, knows why Barbara Marx Hubbard 

is regarded across the United States and around the world 

as a breathtaking visionary and a brilliant conceptualizer 

whose insights astonish and excite the human heart, and 
so, are sought after everywhere.

The latest of these insights, and, I believe, the most 

profound, are now ours to explore in this book. And the 

benefits of that could be enormous. For what is presented 

here is not only a new way to understand our human his- 

tory but a way to magnificently create the history of our 
tomorrows, changing forever our very idea of what it 

means to be human.

Here is a short but fascinating story of our species and 

the path it has taken, as well as the path it now has an 

opportunity to take, as we march together into the twenty- 

first century. Here is also an emphatically compelling story


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