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The twentieth-century history of parapsychology will probably catalogue Edgar Cayce, one of 

America's best documented psychics, as a medical telepathist. The Association for Research 

and Enlightenment, Inc., a psychical research society, was formed in 1932 to preserve and 

experiment with his data. Its library in Virginia Beach, Virginia contains 14,246 copies of Edgar 

Cayce's psychic readings, stenographically recorded over a period of 43 years. Of this number 

8,976, or about 64%, describe the physical disabilities of several thousand persons and suggest 

treatment for their ailments.

For a great many physicians, medical studies of treatment patterns for a number of major 

physical diseases seem to suggest the advisability of testing Edgar Cayce's theories. With this in 

mind, the physical readings have been made available to a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona staffed by 

four medical doctors. Through written reports and yearly conferences, information on results of 

treatments are being made available to more than 250 M.D.'s and osteopaths.

After two years of clinical work with the readings and ten years of study and testing in private 

practice, William McGarey, M.D., Director of the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, agreed to collaborate 

with Mary Ellen Carter, a long time A.R.E. member and widely-known author on Edgar Cayce 

data, in bringing to print the human interest stories of a selection of original readings given by 

Edgar Cayce. For each one, Dr. McGarey has added an up-to-date medical commentary. Many 

of our readers have heard these stories told; here at last are the exciting details.

For some of you, this may be the first introduction to Edgar Cayce. Who was he?

It depends on through whose eyes you look at him. A goodly number of his contemporaries 

knew the "waking" Edgar Cayce as a gifted professional photographer. Another group 

(predominantly children) admired him as a warm and friendly Sunday School teacher. His own 

family knew him as a wonderful husband and father.

The "sleeping" Edgar Cayce was an entirely different figure-a psychic known to thousands of 

people from all walks of life who had cause to be grateful for his help. Indeed, many of them 

believed that he alone had either saved or changed their lives when all seemed lost. The 

"sleeping" Edgar Cayce was a medical diagnostician, a prophet, and a devoted proponent of 

Bible lore.

Even as a child on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where he was born on March 18, 1877, 

Edgar Cayce displayed powers of perception which seemed to extend beyond the normal range 

of the five senses. At the age of six or seven he told his parents that he was able to see and talk 

to "visions," sometimes of relatives who had recently died. His parents attributed this to the 

overactive imagination of a lonely child who had been influenced by the dramatic language of the 

revival meetings which were popular in that section of the country. Later, by sleeping with his 

head on his schoolbooks, he developed

some form of photographic memory which helped him advance rapidly in the country school.

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