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Viosterol to help build muscular forces and to work with the enzymes in the Ventriculin. She was 

now for the first time to take osteopathic treatments: massage, rather than manipulation, however. 

If she was tired or weak or in pain, she was to have an oil pack followed by general massage. 

The electrical therapy was to be administered once a day or so.

The first Friday night in September she returned to her beloved choir. She opened the big 

heavy church door and walked into a waiting group that hugged her and congratulated her.

On the first Sunday morning, as she played the organ once again and led the choir and 

congregation through the musical part of the service, she was so nervous that she almost jumped 

up and ran from the choir loft. Members of the congregation could not resist coming up and 

speaking to her after church. She still ached with pain in her shoulders; and if she moved her 

head, it was worse. It was difficult now for her to speak with these well-wishers, but she made the 

effort, despite the perspiration that formed in her palms.

During the days of her recovery, Edgar Cayce wrote to her about a young girl who had 

been told in a life reading that she should play the organ. She lived right there in Toddesville and 

would Florence teach her, if he, Cayce, paid for the lessons?

Florence wrote him that she would be very happy to, and "I can't take money from you after 

what you have done for me. I'll never make enough money to pay you; in fact, money can't pay 

you for helping me the way you have."

Throughout the winter she persisted in the treatments which gradually led her to full 

recovery. By May she was considered fully cured except for a neuritic condition. Cayce now told 

her she was working too hard, and he said (in her reading) "Rest sufficiently, play sufficiently, 

work sufficiently-but think constructively!"

He was cognizant of her problems now with her new life, and had advice to heal and to 

nourish the soul, as well as the body: "Take into consideration more often the purposes of the 

activities, not as the outward appearances in thy choir practice but what do such activities stand 

for? What is the message that is to be given to the world through this channel of singing? The 

love of the Christ to the world!

"Then let it be a personal thing to thee, that He is thy strength, He is thy life! For in Him ye 

live and move and have thy being.

"There is too much work and too much worry to the amount of play and relaxation . . . 

Better divide it up! Did you find the Master worked continually or did He take time to play? And 

time to relax? He is a good example in everyone's life."

** *

Florence Evans later completed her musical education, obtaining her Bachelor of Music

degree. She married and has established herself as a very busy organist and choir director for

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