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glorious knowledge of the working of the Christ-Consciousness within the individual mind. . ."

"For if these are adhered to," stated this reading, "if these are kept, we will find the helpful 

forces in every manner; not only with the patience to bear the cross of distress or anxiety but with

the means and the friends and the hopes to carry on for Him!"

By May, she had improved so much that the hardness was disappearing, her temperature 

was normal, and there were no more night sweats. But because she still suffered with the aching, 

she decided to go to the Mayo Clinic for tests and left off the castor oil packs once more. Soon 

she was suffering again with rigors and temperature, as well as the sweats. Now another reading 

put her back on the packs and other aids. In time her health returned to the point where she 

wanted to go back to her work of teaching music and conducting her choir.

In her next reading she asked, "Will you please tell me if you can when I can go back to 

work and if I should work at the church and teach also?"

She was told that she should do both. "These are a part of [your]self." She was to "Keep 

the constructive forces in much of the prayer and meditation, and especially in the periods when 

the appliance is used. Raise that vibration within self that there are within self the healing forces. 

For all healing of every nature comes only from the One Source, the Giver of all good and perfect 


She was free now from the necessity of using the daily packs and was to take them only 

when she had a spell of "rigors." She was to use instead gentle olive oil rubs.

Cara was afraid she would pull her health down by going back to work. "Well, maybe 

Cayce can get me in such good health that I won't have any flu this winter," Florence told her.

Her aunt had gone home long before now, and when Florence told her the news that she 

was going back to work, Stacy was equally exuberant. "Don't get too frisky," she warned. "You're 

not out of the woods yet."

"I know. But just to get out of those packs is like heaven! In this heat they're not very 


But even at the end of summer the aching did not leave her. "It's setting me wild," she 

reported to Cayce in late July.

She wrote him in August, "When I was taken with this trouble, the doctors called it flu. That 

was before we found the hardness, though. I was taken the same way as I have been with every 

spell of flu. I sometimes wonder if it hasn't been this trouble coming on for a long time. Would the 

flu shots do me any good? I would do anything to escape it. I dread the first cold spell until 


She was not to take flu shots, said her subsequent reading. She was to take halibut oil with

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