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glandular system, as well as the circulation," said the reading.

For ten days she used the wet cell appliance as directed. There was never any sensation

except that of well-being. Secretly, she wondered if the thing could really help her. Just as the 

packs were deceptively simple, so, too, were the low electrical vibrations that produced simply a 

pleasant relaxation and a predisposition to sleep.

Then, unaccountably, she experienced a rigor accompanied by severe aching. There was 

bleeding from the rectum. Another occurred, and she wired Cayce to ask if she was using the 

appliance correctly.

This was, she was told, "the system's attempting to adjust itself and eliminate those 

disturbances in the circulation that have caused the checking of the flow to the lymph circulation." 

The rigors arose from the attempts of her body to throw off the poisons in her system.

Changes were made in treatment. Alcohol rubs were added, and advice was given to 

continue with enemas using Glyco-Thymoline. It was now spring. Florence remained very ill, 

although improvement was noticeable.

On March 5, her mother wrote Cayce that Florence was not well and that her stomach 

trouble was something new. Strangely, on that very day Cayce volunteered a reading for Florence 

at the end of another person's physical check reading after Hugh Lynn Cayce, as conductor, had 

given the suggestion, "That is all."

Began this unsolicited advice: "Now the conditions are much on the improve, by the 

vibrations that have been set up through the system by the low electrical forces and the rub," and 

he identified this reading as being for Florence Evans, Toddesville, Kentucky!

"These should be kept," he went on. He gave further directions for the use of the wet cell 

and added that a charred keg of a gallon and a half be half-filled with pure apple brandy and that 

the fumes from this, heated, might be "inhaled whenever there is the tendency for a shaky or 

ague feeling or weakness."

Wrote Cara in reply: "The reading ... was an answer to my prayers. We are so very grateful 

to you for this information. She has been so bright and cheerful all day. We felt that in some ways 

her condition was improved, yet she suffers so much from the aching. The hardness of her skin is 

less, though very evident yet, through the hips and limbs to knees. May God bless you and your 

wonderful work. . ."

There had been a turning point. Her next reading now shifted from strictly physical healing 

to a high level of spiritual attitudes, particularly to be assumed during the wet cell treatments. 

Then she should be "in a meditative, prayerful mind," putting herself "into the hands, into the 

arms, into the care of the Savior. Not merely as trusting, not merely as hoping, but as relying 

upon the promises.

And make them cooperative, co-active. Be used for something, not only good but good for 

something, that ye may bring into the experience of others-even by thine own ability to suffer-the

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