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But with Stacy, she was the prayer. She uttered it in her very step, in the way she put her 

head on one side and sized up a person or a situation from her own secret vantage point. Her 

strong hands moved through the myriad of services for her patient like the hands of a devout 

woman making the sign of the Cross or folding in prayer. There was about her a healing force that 

emanated to all who met her.

A few days after they removed the packs from Florence's regimen, they were dismayed to 

-discover that she was becoming worse. On a Sunday evening, they sat near her bed, 

contemplating her plight. Florence lay with her eyes closed, her face pale, her body limp with 

fatigue. She had to be propped up on pillows to get her breath.

They decided to call Dr. Maddox, because she was becoming distraught with the agony in 

her chest. When he arrived, he had little to say as he examined her. But he offered no hope and 

said merely, "Watch her carefully. I will be at home tonight and in my office tomorrow." He went 

out into the hall.

Then he added, "I'm sorry," to Cara and Paul. Paul nodded because there was nothing to 


After he had left, Cara wept against Paul's shoulder. "She's dying!"

Stacy silently began to get out the castor oil and the oilcloth. Later, as Florence remained 

about the same though she was wrapped in the pack, they seemed to be back where they had 


They decided to seek another reading from Cayce at once. Stacy insisted, "Don't send for 

this unless you are going to follow it!"

Injections given by the doctor had "caused disturbances to the heart's activity, to the 

coordination between the sympathetic and the cerebrospinal system," said this reading.

The oil packs had been obtaining results, since they had been properly given. They were to 

be kept up now for several days at a time, then stopped for a rest period of a week. All other 

phases of the therapy were to be continued, particularly the starchless diet.

One new kind of treatment was added: application of a low electrical vibration by means of 

the "wet cell appliance" described by Cayce in previous readings for other illnesses. Substances 

which would be added to her body by this means would be Atomidine, Chloride of Gold, and 

Spirits of Camphor. The daily treatments would last for thirty minutes each. Cayce described how 

to make the attachments in detail: the plates were to be attached to various parts of Florence's 

body to allow the different solutions to impart their beneficial influences.

"Each solution carries to the circulation the vibrations of these properties to act upon the

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