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by Rainbow Eagle, Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher ,

I am a native person of Okla- 

Choctaw heritage, who has 
been entrusted and honored, 

in this Seventh Fire, to offer 

the teachings of an ancient 

Anishinabe (Ojibwa) Peace 
Shield of truth and 

instructions to the Human 

Family one last time. The 

ancient truths of this shield 
are older than many sources 

including the Dead Sea 

Scrolls. ,


Gathering and increasing truth's power to restore and amplify peace upon Mother 

Earth is the ultimate purpose of the Peace Shield. A bundle was opened in early 

1996 in a special ceremony to begin the sacred mission of the Peace Shield. 
Contained within the bundle is a sacred prayer pipe and large elk hide upon which 

the Peace Shield is drawn. ,


"The Seven Fire Prophecy" foretold of this time to the ancient people. Seven 
prophets spoke of a Fire or Spiritual chapter which described things which would 

happen to the people. The Seventh Prophet said that native ways would be honored 

and the Elders would again speak. Also shared was, the light skinned race would be 
given a choice between two roads: destruction, or the lighting of the Eighth and final 

fire, an age of peace, love, joy and oneness. In addition, the Seventh Fire foretold of 

the signals which would be given to Native People so they would know when to act 

for the good of "All Relations." The signals would include environmental concerns, 
risks to the destruction of humanity, high levels of technology, Earth Changes, and 

finally Freedom for Native people to participate in their beliefs. ,


The Peace Shield is a reminder to Native people that in the Seventh Fire it would be 
their responsibility to assist and help bring the Human Family back together again. 

"These original truths of the Peace Shield are to be given to the Human Race for the 

last time so that each person can have what they need to decide the future of our 

Mother Earth." The Peace Shield teaches the value, beauty, wisdom and wonder of ,

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