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Seven prophets came to Anishinabe. They came at 
a time when the people were living a full and 

peaceful life on the North Eastern coast of North 
America. These prophets left the people with seven 

predictions of what the future would bring. ,



Each of the prophecies was called a fire and each fire referred to a particular era of 

time that would come in the future. Thus, the teachings of the seven prophets are 

now called the "Seven Fires." ,

The first prophet said to the people, "In the time of the First Fire, the Anishinabe 

nation will rise up and follow the sacred shell of the Midewiwin Lodge. The 

Midewiwin Lodge will serve as a rallying point for the people and its traditional 

ways will be the source of much strength. The Sacred Megis will lead the way to the 
chosen ground of the Anishinabe. You are to look for a turtle-shaped island that is 

linked to the purification of the Earth. ,

You will find such an island at the beginning and end of your journey. There will be 
seven stopping places along the way. You will know the chosen ground has been 

reached when you come to a land where food grows on water. If you do not move 

you will be destroyed." ,

The second prophet told the people, "You will know the Second Fire because at this 

time the nation will be camped by a large body of water. In this time the direction of 

the Sacred Shell will be lost. The Midewiwin will diminish in strength; a boy will be 
born to point the way back to the traditional ways. He will show the direction to the 

stepping stones to the future of the Anishinabe people. ,

The third prophet said to the people, "In the Third Fire the Anishinabe will find the 
path to their chosen ground; a land in the west to which they must move their 

families. This will be the land where food grows on water." ,

The Fourth Fire was originally given to the people by two prophets. They came as 
one. They told of the coming of the light-skinned race. ,

One of the prophets said, "You will know the future of our people by the face the 

light-skinned race wears. If they come wearing the face of brotherhood then there 
will come a time of wonderful change for generations to come. They will bring new 

knowledge and articles that can be joined with the knowledge of this country; in this

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