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mile from the coast." Meteor-impact experts link the Australian tsunamis to the 
Taurid meteor shower, impacts from which go through peaks and troughs over the 

centuries. Dating of the tsunamis is broadly consistent with this cycle.,







That the civilizations of ancient Mexico produced and used highly 
accurate calendars is well known. One of the primary functions of 

these calendars was the prediction of future events; and obviously, 

an event of great interest was the projected end of the Fifth Sun, 

which was expected to be accompanied by earthquakes of such 
magnitude as to destroy all life on earth. ,


A note about these calendars is in order here, though the reader is 

, referred to Valliant and Waters for fuller discussions. ,

The late Maya cultures and the Aztec cultures used only a "short count" of years, 
starting each group of fifty-two - known as a "bundle" of years - as a new unit. But 

they left us no distinction between units. For example, 1987 was a Ce Acatl (One 

Reed) year; if the Aztec used our notation, they might refer to this year simply as 

'87, and we would not know whether they meant 1087, 1587, or 1987.

For the Classic Maya, however, the situation was quite different. Their "long count" 

extended tens of thousands of years into the past and future. It is from this - from 

the date correlation developed by Thompson and others, and now generally 
accepted - that the commonly quoted date of Dec. 24, 2011 is derived. This date, 

according to Maya prophecy, represents the End of the World.

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