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Though not tied to the natural cycle, this Chiricahua Apache prophecy about the 
end time also envisions a "new world" after the destruction. ,

THE OLD PEOPLE used to tell us that when the end of the earth is coming all the 

water will begin to dry up. For a long time there will be no rain. ,

There will be only a few places, about three places, where there will be springs. At 

those three places the water will be dammed up and all the people will come in to 

those places and start fighting over the water. ,

That's what old Nani used to tell us. Those old Indians found out somehow, I don't 

know how. And the way it looks, I believe it is the truth. ,

Many old Chiricahua used to tell the same story. They say that in this way most of 

the people will kill each other off. Maybe there will be a few good people left.


When the new world comes after that the white people will be Indians and the 

Indians will be white people. Source: ANONYMOUS, Apache Excerpt of Myths and 

Tales of the Chiricahua Apache Indians, by Morris E. Opler, Memoirs of the American 

Folklore Society, Vol. 37, 1942 ,





Short Bull, became a disciple of Jesus Christ, whom he met, in person, at Walker 

Lake, Nevada

"The fish eaters near Pyramid Lake told me Christ had appeared 
on the earth again. It appeared that Christ had sent for me to go 

there and that was why unconsciously I took my journey. I went to 

the [Indian] agency [office] at Walker Lake and they told us Christ 
would be there in two days. At the end of two days, on the third 

morning, hundreds of people gathered at this place. They cleared 

off a place near the agency in the form of a circus ring and we all 

, gathered there. ,


The place was perfectly cleared of grass. We waited until late in the evening, anxious 
to see Christ. Just before sundown I saw a great many people, mostly Indians [some

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